When I founded TASSAA, redefining education was my dream. We want to create a nation with an abundant number of skilled personnel that will trigger our country's development and brand it to the outside world.

Aloyce Mkwizu

It has been a great deal and privilege working with Tanzanian students and bridge them with universities abroad. We at the Tanzania Students Studying Abroad Association, support qualified high school students to look for and prepare for universities in their field of choices. We also provide carrier guidance and counselling to our students. We will gladly be happy to serve you and be part of your academic journey.

Innocent Beda

Managing Director
tassaa ambassador
Building a career requires planning, we are here to ensure you get a much better way to uncover your passions. As a member of TASSAA, my satisfaction is to see Tanzanian youths assume absolute responsibility of our lives, raise our standards, and network constructively to achieve new opportunities.

Samuel Hawassi

Regional Director, TASSAA, Canada
tassaa ambassador
TASSAA is a great idea developed by the people who are full motivated and determined to save our education for the betterment of generations to come. Its main objective is to set and example and reveal the dream that most young scholars do have. It aims at fulfilling not only the desires of the parents but also acknowledge the fact of education and exposure.

Isabella Neke

Regional Director, TASSAA, Europe
tassaa ambassador
Thinking of studying MBBS abroad? Ukraine is the right destination for you. Here at Ukraine, medical schools ensure students a quality and affordable practical education with plenty of learning resources. Security to students it is of no doubt because most universities are state owned. Studying MBBS or any other course in Ukraine certifies you and makes you employable all over Europe.

Michael Kudema

Regional Representative, TASSAA, Ukraine
tassaa ambassador
Students from Tanzania have always wanted to study in China because of the quality education at an affordable cost. We at TASSAA will recommend the right universities that meet our students budget and expectations. It is my dream to see that students end up using their knowledge to develop themselves, create new opportunities to their fellow Tanzanians back home.

Viane Kyabega

Regional Representative, TASSAA, China
tassaa ambassador
They say "The best testimony are the people who live around you".
Well I have spent my time with TASSA for a while now and believe me or not my testimony for TASSAA making my dream of studying abroad to come true is enough to explain the effectiveness and accountability of this agency. Don't hestitate. Come join me up with TASSAA so that we can testify the goodness together and make the World a better place for everyone. Please remember...,
"Whatever the mind of a man can concieve and believe it can achieve"

Fadhili Phares Msindagi

Student Director - Freshers

Our mission

Increase the percentage of educated people and opportunities for the betterment of our nation at large.

Our vision

We envision a nation where every citizen is benefiting from education both directly and indirectly.