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Baba Fadhili Msindagi.

One thing i love about TASSAA is their kindness,care and support. They asssited us frrom the application process to the orientation to the univeristy.They assisted us during Visa application and helped us in flight booking.On reporting they had a team ready to pick up the students and direct them arround university and cities.Their hospitality and services are top-notch

Mama Gillian Fleurant.

The major difficulty i faced as a parent as i was looking for universities for my daughter was the lack of transparency and the extra charges and fees put on by the educational agencies.This was a different case for TASSAA.They only charged me agency fee for universites out of their sccope and offered me free applications to those they are working with.I loved it.

Lucas Faustin Nyambele

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to study abroad when I applied was so that I could see the world. Being an education major, I know that the life plan I have in motion doesn’t leave much wiggle room. I am going to graduate with my one degree and hopefully get a job, most likely in Tanzania .Studying abroad offered the chance to travel to countries I’d never seen before, and experience a life I may never again get to experience