Our Services

  • Educational Counselling

    As many students are not sure of what to pursue in college, TASSAA will provide them with career guidance and couselling to ensure that they are enrolled in their courses of preference.

  • University Selection, offers and admissions

    For any course that students will like to apply for, we mostly refer them to the best universities in that particular course. We will take each step with you making sure that you will receive the best education.

  • Scholarship Applications assistance

    Many universities abroad do offer scholarships to international students, but many students are not aware or have less access to these scholarships. Therefore, TASSAA will link all its students to different scholarships and grants from several countries and help them to successfully apply.

  • VISA Assistance

    After being enrolled to different colleges, students need the student VISA to study in that particular country. Everything is well set, our team will assist you from the beginning of your VISA application process to the last step.

  • Pre departure and Post arrival services

    TASSAA will assist you as our student in the preparations needed before your departing date. Once you departure, our team will be waiting to receive you at the airport of the particular country you are heading to. From there you will be provided with an orientantion to the city and university. Our team will also be there to help you through your registration process.