About us

Tassaa is an abreviation which stands for Tanzania association of students studying abroad.Tassaa helps other students in Tanzania to study abroad.It provides these students with opportuinites and thus help the grab and seize all the opportunities Tanzanian students have regarding studying abroad.

Tassaa was founded in 2017, So far Tassaa has helped more than 100 students from Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar to achieve their dream of studying abroad.
We are dedicated to assist you with all aspects of planning and arranging of your overseas studies.

Services offered

Activities done by Tassaa include;
  1. Career Guidance & Couunselling
  2. University Selection & Application
  3. Scholarship Assistance
  4. Passport & Visa processing
  5. Airline Ticketing
  6. Sudent Transfer
  7. Pre Departure & Post arrival services
  8. Overseas work permit

Career Guidance counselling

Our clients are happy that we guide them in making adequate educational and occupational choices and in taking career decisions based on the deman d and requirements of the future work.

Become part of the Team

At tassaa we believe that all students have an equal chances of accessing a better quality education regardless of the finance barriers.There by through you we beelieve we can reach out more students with potential of accessing all kind of scholarships offered.There fore join this movement by being one of Tassaa team members in assisting students during exploration of their opportunnities.