Admission Policy

Tassaa works hand in hannd to ensure every students acquire the best course with regards of the admission ploicy set by each university.
On the other hand Tassaa offers advice on which course to avail with respect to the qualifications and policy set by university.

Tassaa helps students to get a Non Objection Certificate commomly knonw as NOC.
This is a special certificate given by Tanzania Commission of Universities(TCU), as a acknolwedgement and approval of the University and course one is going to pursue in the respective university abroad.

Getting Started

Roadmap ;
  1. Provide your education details
  2. Choose your three course options
  3. Start application
  4. Receive offer later
  5. Start Visa and Passport processing
  6. Get your flight tickets
  7. Get ready for flight
  8. Start your education Journey

Visa Information

Get to know what is required to get visa from different countries, timeline and costs for visa applications.Get to know the eligibility of visa and what to do to be eligible visa applicant.All of these services are provided by Tassaa as well.Start your application process right a way.

Airline and Ticketing

We always get discounts from Airlines especcially those that we are in partnership with. This is because we always send ouur students in groups so that is easier to manage the pre departure and post arrival activites

Request Information

Why studying abroad, where to study abrroad, how to start the process of application to different universities abroad.Ask us as many questions as you can regarding the whol scenario of "Studying Overseas".Use textbox below to ask your query.